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American Horror Story Music Video

American Horror Story: Asylum 2x10 "The Name Game" Song - Jude, Kit, Lana Singing & Dancing Scene HQ


2013-06-21 02:32 664,047 YouTube

The Name Game w/ lyrics - Jessica Lange American Horror Story Asylum

The name game singing scece in AHS2. English lyrics in subtitle added by me.

2015-08-27 02:49 3,424,119 YouTube

Stevie Nicks - Seven Wonders (American Horror Story: Coven)

Stevie Nicks - Seven Wonders (American Horror Story: Coven)

2014-02-02 02:47 1,071,862 YouTube

The Name Game (From AHS) | Lps Music Video

What am I doing? Please ban editing apps from me As soon as I saw this episode, I died of laughter and I started to sing it randomly at school I have a problem ...

2015-03-01 02:18 706 YouTube

American Horror Story - Theme (Full Length)

Here it is FINALLY! The theme of American Horror Story. Other versions are ripped from the intro, this is the single-clean version released.

2012-12-08 03:08 2,726,244 YouTube