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The True Story of HANNIBAL

Known as one of the greatest commanders of the ancient world, Hannibal excelled as a tactician. No battle in history is a finer sample of tactics than Cannae.

2013-05-28 31:00 571,234 YouTube

HANNIBAL: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery

His name resonates throughout history - a mythical figure, one of the greatest commanders of the ancient world. But what of the man behind the legend? A man ...

2013-05-28 44:51 130,669 YouTube

Hannibal Kampf gegen Rom

Thema Rom und die Germanen hier: Rom und Karthago - einst die bedeutsamsten Mächte im ...

2013-04-05 14:40 58,450 YouTube

Hannibal - Why the Season 3 Finale Works as a Series Finale

Spoiler alert! With Hannibal finished on NBC and the possibility of it living on elsewhere in doubt, Eric and Chris discuss why the Season 3 finale functioned so ...

2015-08-30 07:57 75,642 YouTube


In this video Hit & Hannibal 2 professional calisthenics experts show their personal warm up routines, that they do before their workout. They each engage ...

2012-07-26 07:26 2,647,070 YouTube