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Marvel's Daredevil

Marvel's Daredevil - Opening Titles - Now Streaming on Netflix

Watch the incredible opening title sequence to "Marvel's Daredevil," and watch all episodes streaming now only on Netflix! ▻ Subscribe to Marvel: ...

2015-04-10 01:02 3,260,547 YouTube

The cast of the Netflix Original Series Marvel's "Daredevil" | Talks at Google

Daredevil. Punisher. Elektra. Page. The cast of the Netflix Original Series Marvel's Daredevil (Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Jon Bernthal, & Elodie Yung) take ...

2016-03-16 44:10 267,339 YouTube

The Philosophy of Marvel's Daredevil – Wisecrack Edition

Join Wisecrack! Subscribe! ▻▻ Get 20% Off MileIQ ▻▻ Want More? DEADPOOL ▻ ...

2016-07-16 13:42 630,312 YouTube

Tamer - Beautiful Crime (Marvel's Daredevil Trailer Song)

Beautiful Crime by Tamer or Grayson Sanders. As heard on the trailer for the Netflix series, Marvel's Daredevil. LYRICS: Each step I left behind Each road you ...

2015-04-09 04:33 2,331,753 YouTube

Ask Marvel: Daredevil Cast

Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and Jon Bernthal of "Marvel's Daredevil" take your questions on another edition of Ask Marvel! Watch Season 2 when it ...

2016-03-10 02:05 1,192,990 YouTube