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Now You See Me 2 Music Video

周杰倫 Jay Chou 【Now You See Me】Official MV (120s)

周杰倫【Now You See Me】 周董為自己客串演出的電影「Now You See Me 2」寫下主題曲這可是好萊塢第一首以中文作為全球的電影主題曲喔! 收錄在即

2016-06-01 02:05 5,941,840 YouTube

Now You See Me 2 - Soundtrack (Outasight - The Boogie)

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2016-03-18 03:31 539,129 YouTube

Brian Tyler Live in London "Now You See Me 2"

Brian Tyler conducting his theme to "Now You See Me 2" as part of his concert with the Philharmonia Orchestra of London at the historic Royal Festival Hall.

2016-06-08 03:59 257,223 YouTube

2 - Main Theme (Now You See Me 2 - Soundtrack)

Now You See Me 2 (2016) Soundtrack - Music By Brian Tyler Twitter: Like, Suscribe, Make a Comment & Share This Video.

2016-09-12 03:02 44,018 YouTube