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Nurse Jackie Full Movie

Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 1 Comfort Food

2017-01-21 23:27 2,956 YouTube

Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 8 Monkey Bits

2017-01-21 22:33 1,109 YouTube

Edie Falco on end of "Nurse Jackie," "Sopranos" and family

Showtime's “Nurse Jackie” injects dark humor into the serious issue of prescription drug addiction for its seventh and final season. Edie Falco plays Jackie ...

2015-06-09 04:56 51,946 YouTube

Actress Puts Her 'Best' into 'Nurse Jackie'

Actress Eve Best on playing Edie Falco's best friend - O'Hara - on Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie.' (April 25)

2011-04-25 02:09 21,756 YouTube