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Nurse Jackie Streaming

Nurse Jackie Season 3: Episode 8 Clip - Doctors and Nurses

While out to lunch Zoey tries to get dirt from Jackie and O'Hara for her blog.

2014-01-08 01:43 7,765 YouTube

Nurse Jackie | 'Marry You' Official Clip | Season 7 Episode 4

Coop practices what he wants to say to Carrie with Eddie over lunch. Starring Edie Falco. Subscribe to the Showtime channel for more clips: ...

2015-04-27 01:20 5,374 YouTube

Nurse Jackie Season 5: Episode 6 Clip - Exit Interview

Dr. Cruz shows up at All Saints for his exit interview.

2013-05-13 01:03 10,592 YouTube

Nurse Jackie Season 6: Episode 4 Clip - Spying on Kevin's Fiance

Jackie meets Kevin's new fiance. New episodes Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime Watch more clips from Nurse Jackie on Showtime: ...

2014-04-28 01:51 8,534 YouTube

Nurse Jackie Season 2: Episode 4 Clip - Disinfectant and Dip

Jackie learns about Zoey's heroics earlier that day.

2010-04-06 01:37 29,427 YouTube