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True Blood Music Video

True Blood - Music by Nathan Barr

True Blood (Original Televison Score), Music Composed by Nathan Barr. Vocals by Lisbeth Scott.

2010-09-20 07:38 89,836 YouTube

True Blood // Eels // Fresh Blood

i think it was played in both season 3 and season 2..i know it was played in the credits on season 3 ep. 11.

2010-09-05 04:28 169,429 YouTube

True Blood - Goodbye Goddric (Best True Blood Music Ever)

Beautiful Musical Theme From True Blood S02E09. All credits go to the authors, no copyright infringement intended.

2009-08-19 01:47 54,541 YouTube


2014-07-29 04:01 26,790 YouTube

Lloyd - Tru (Official Video)

Get the Tru EP. Out Now! iTunes: Spotify: ...

2016-08-18 04:17 30,200,595 YouTube